Prices 2020

Excl. VAT.

Prices listed below are dependant upon our inspectors and engineers
own planning on a timeline for completing the task.

On expediary cases we reserve the right to include extra charge.

Safety inspection of a group of equipment

Playgrounds – Multisports equipment – Skater equipment – Fitness equipment – Parkour equipment.
30 % discount is given for more than 3 areas in close proximety of each other, on the entire order.
1 – 20 pieces$/€. 265,00 pr. area
21 -? pieces$/€. 465,00 pr. area
Inspection attestation issued/stamped on site$/€. 45,00 pr. area

Post installation inspection of new equipment

1 – 20 pieces$/€. 295,00 pr. area
21 -? pieces$/€. 430,00 pr. area

Impact attenuating test (HIC-test)

Start$/€. 185,00
Pr. testing position$/€. 120,00

Hour prices

Engineer$/€. 180,00

$/€. 125,00

Other services

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