The Nordic Playground Institute’s (NLPI) services are performed in accordance with the terms below, unless they are waived by written agreement between NLPI and the customer.
All information obtained in connection with inspection is to be regarded as confidential.


NLPI performs work, unless otherwise agreed in writing, within normal working hours, which are weekdays Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm. 8.00 – 16.00. If the services – in agreement with the customer – are delivered outside normal working hours, NLPI is entitled to calculate a standard price plus 50% on weekdays and 100%, on non-weekdays / holidays.


Agreed expenses for travel, accommodation and stay abroad, in connection with the delivery of the services will be billed separately on the basis of costs incurred. Only mileage allowances are invoiced for driving according to the state’s tariffs, if this is clearly stated in the order confirmation. The starting point for travel is NLPI’s office at Maglemølle 21, 4700 Næstved, Denmark, unless otherwise agreed. Transport time is invoiced only by agreement with customer. All prices are excl. VAT, other taxes and duties. It is usually billed after the assignment has ended. Payment must be made no later than 20 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. In case of late payment, default interest is calculated with Danmarks Nationalbank’s reference rate from the due date, and reminder fee. NLPI’s prices are regulated every year per year. January 1, according to developments in the net price index.


NLPI is liable for damages under the general rules of Danish law. NLPI is only responsible for NLPI’s own services. NLPI’s liability for claims, regardless of the basis on which a claim is raised and regardless of the degree of negligence, is limited to the customer’s direct loss and may never exceed 50% of the total amount paid by the customer for the services.


Any dispute between NLPI and the customer must be settled in accordance with Danish law, except for Danish law’s international private law rules. Disputes are settled by the Danish courts and by the Court of Næstved as the court of law.


• From the customer we receive a list with name, address, telephone number and contact person.
• Based on the geographical location of the sites, an order for the inspections is planned.
• Approximately 2 business days before the inspection, call the contact person and agree on which day and about the time the inspector intends to arrive.
• Upon arrival at the address, the inspector seeks out the contact person who is expected to show us the scope and location of the different places, and note if there are special circumstances that need to be clarified. We state that the customer is very welcome to call if there will be questions later on the submitted report.
• If the manager, security representative or others are interested, they are welcome to have a review after the inspection. Notes and pictures are taken directly in our digital report tool.
Each tool is photographed and inspected according to the European standard applicable to that implement.
• If the inspector finds life-threatening deviations, contact the contact person who is informed before leaving the address.
• The aim is for the customer to receive the report within 5 working days after the inspection.


Due to our accreditation with DANAK, a representative from DANAK, upon notification, must always be allowed access together with NLPI’s inspector upon inspection.


These standard terms and conditions are available on our website at any time.