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New Playground

In the Danish Building Code from 2008 it says: ”that equipment and such on playgrounds accessible to the public must be constructed and dimensioned so that safety and health issues are satisfactory with regard to personal injury.

New playground and safety

To meet this requirement in the Building Code you can get an independent assessment of the drawings for a new playground by impartial certified playground inspectors from Nordic Playground Institute, before the construction is begun. Furthermore, a new playground should be given a thorough safety check resulting in a” no annotation” approval before the playground is opened. Annual main inspections and possibly operational inspections with intervals by certified playground inspectors working with the European Norm 1176 and 1177 ought to be implemented on all new playgrounds immediately.

When you build a new playground it is your responsibility to secure a high level of safety so that children are not hurt because of poor playground safety. Therefore, we want always to be a part of the process when you build a new playground. Furthermore, we recommend inspections every three months making sure that the playground safety remains top notch.

Contact us therefore before you build a new playground

Additionally, we offer seminars in playground safety for leaders of institutions and handymen. Via these seminars you will acquire the knowledge yourself to check the playground regularly supplemented by professional certified inspectors annually.

Project handling

When you build a new playground your project should be in safe hands from start to finish. We offer counseling regarding design and layout of the future playground. It is important that you get an independent and certified inspector along from the start to secure optimal playground safety. When you choose Nordic Playground Institute we guarantee a high level of safety and quality throughout the entire process.

It is essential for good playground safety that the initial counseling is followed by ongoing quality assurance. Through regular – every three months – or annual main inspection you can be certain through Nordic Playground Institute that all equipment meet all safety requirements. We always provide the necessary documentation to optimize the playground safety if not found in order


Naturally all equipment must be in the best condition possible, but often a certified inspector is required to determine if the condition of the equipment represents a risk. Cracks, holes – places, where children may get stuck – sharp edges and many more factors are in play regarding playground safety.

Playground safety

The main purpose of annual or regular inspections of playgrounds in Europe is first and foremost to prevent accidents or deaths as a result and thereafter to minimize serious consequences of the unavoidable accidents of less serious character which may happen when children play and act physically. Playground safety is important and should be taken seriously, although not hysterically.

Playground safety begins with a sensible layout or design and an assessment of the safety aspects which we in Nordic Playground Institute are happy to assist you with in the form of an independent advicement report.

When the playground has been built but before use, a safety commissioning walk through of the whole area including all individual equipment should take place. On basis of such an inspection Nordic Playground Institute issues an installation approval which should be without any annotations to create good and safe playground environment.

Many owners and leaders of institution make a point of having an annual independent safety inspection of the playground and equipment. A so called main inspection where all safety aspects are evaluated according to Danish Standard/Europe Norm 1176 and 1177 and followed by a written report covering the condition of things. A main inspection should of course not have any serious annotations, but it should be a guiding document for the workers to quickly repair the mentioned problems.

Playground safety and tear and wear

Many playground owners decide to have quarterly independent operational inspections in addition to yearly main inspections. The equipment may decompose, the falling surface may have become hard and the equipment may sometimes have been exposed to vandalism. Periodical operational inspections give peace of mind to the owners enabling them to solve other tasks and at the same time have a clear conscience regarding playground safety.

Remember, that you can also take seminars in playground safety at Nordic Playground Institute.

How do you achieve good playground safety?

Small cracks, holes where children can get stuck, sharp edges and many other minor things can pose a potential major risk, but may be difficult to notice when you do not have sufficient training. Here are some of the most important things to check out at a playground inspection

Visual inspections weekly

We recommend that the playground owner or responsible personnel always perform weekly inspections to check for things like

  • Glass fragments or other sharp objects
  • That the falling surface is intact
  • If equipment is broken from wear and tear or vandalism
  • Sharp edges

This is of course only a small part of things required for a completed playground inspection to secure optimal playground safety

Nationwide playground safety

Nordic Playground Institute operates nationwide and then some. As part of our service we offer playground inspection and safety check in the entire EU plus Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. We have branches throughout the country, so contact one of our branches and have your playground safety assessed as soon as possible. Additionally, we offer seminars in playground safety directed at many different professions and purposes.


We can advise you regarding choice of falling surface, and we can perform the technical tests required to determine the yielding characteristics of the surface.

Very often it is the inspector’s own assessment which fails the surface, but it does not have to be his way.

We have one of the very best drop testers on the marked, and we can make an accurate test describing the yielding characteristics of your surface and can offer you peace of mind regarding whether the surface is adequate for the actual falling height from your equipment, so that the risk for disabling or deadly accident is minimized.

Contact us for further information.

Falling height

When we perform inspections of playgrounds the falling height is an essential part. The falling height from the playground equipment must not exceed 3 meters, and the yielding effect of the surface must always be adjusted to the height of the equipment. If the fall height exceeds one meter the falling surface must have a yielding effect. The combination of fall height and surface is naturally more complex than explained here.


The falling surface on a playground has nothing to do with broken legs or arms. The surface is only there to reduce the risk of brain damage or skull fracture.

The falling surface may be loose material like sand or gravel, or firm material like firm rubber, rubber squares or rubber mats. Regardless of the material chosen you must be aware that a certain level of maintenance will be required. Loose surfaces must be raked and aired frequently in order not to get hard, with rubber mats you should lift them so that the holes are free from various material at all times, and rubber squares or solid rubber should be cleaned with special cleaner to keep them free from algae.

No matter which falling surface you choose you must remember that it is not dangerous to break an arm or a leg, but maybe a part of children’s development and sense of risk assessment and consequence.

Deltec selectie 2

Remember, it is not dangerous to play.


Certification by us is an independent and impartial evaluation of your product, personnel or service.

Our certification provides you, your coworkers or authorities in charge evidence that a competent and impartial party has evaluated your product, coworkers or service and can confirm and document a compliance with valid regulation and standards

Our certification provides several advantages:

  • Making sure that the promised product and the finished product correspond.
  • Transparency for your client
  • Quality protection by a qualified external party.
  • Nordic Playground Institute offers a line of various certifications, however, primarily within playground safety EN1176 and EN1177.

Our reports and certification forms are completed according to applicable requirements and correspond with the present in the playground area.

Your advantage:

♦ Secure compliance of requirements and standards

♦ Reduce risks for defects in manufacturing and construction  

♦ Minimize assembly costs by doing it right the first time

♦ Document compliance of technical requirements

♦ Introduction of new equipment in the marketplace all over the world faster with reliable documentation 

♦ Secure a competitive advantage through certification

♦ Identify and spread best practices

♦ Develop technical skills of the personnel

Quality control

All inspectors from Nordic Playground Institutes are obligated to participate in our goal to maintain a high level of education and quality.

All inspectors from Nordic Playground Institutes are certified, and their education is updated frequently. Inspectors from Nordic Playground Institute have many years of experience inspecting all kinds of equipment and playgrounds.

Nordic Playground Institute’s  CEO is a member of Danish Standard’s committee  S-230 concerning playground safety, and he is a participant in the European Standard work in CEN

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Book a playground inspection with Nordic Playground Institute

Nordic Playground Institute carries out playground inspections on all playgrounds accessible by the public as recommended in” public accessible playgrounds, as recommended in “product liability law” and DS/EN1176. Nordic Playground Institute will in the final report provide a satisfactory inspection report that in text and photos examines the individual pieces of equipment for defects according to valid standards.

Yearly main inspection

The annual main inspection should be performed by a qualified playground inspector with intervals of no more than 12 months. This inspection is the most satisfactory.

Operational inspection

The operational inspection should be performed with 1-3 months intervals. During this inspection the individual stability, operational safety, wear and tear is evaluated.

Routine visual inspection

The purpose of the routine visual inspection is to identify obvious problems like: glass fragments, syringes, vandalism, free height of fall, exposed part of foundation, and sharp edges. On playgrounds with extensive use or severe vandalism a daily visual inspection should be performed.

Installation certificate

Installation certificate of not approved or by approved equipment after installation. This certificate should be done before the playground is used.

HIC test

A test with calibrated test equipment is performed in order to determine the attenuating characteristics of the falling surface. This test can provide a cost saving in regard to the frequency of replacing or adding to the falling surface.

Advice and consultancy

During a new playground or renovating existing playgrounds we offer competent independent advice and consultancy (no sale of equipment)


At receipt of the report after completion questions regarding the danger of the mentioned deviations may rise. In that case we can make a complete riskassessment of the entire playground including other equipment, or by the entire outdoor area with stairs, hedges and so on. The riskassessment is supplied as a complete report including texts and photos.

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Motor skills development

If you need inspiration to your new playground, to renovation, guidance to purchase of new equipment, or are you in doubt whether your playgrounds sufficiently stimulates children’s motor skills development?

Then contact our motor skills consultant who can help with assessment and sparring during the next step.

Birgitte has worked with children and adults in several counties since year 2000 in helping them regarding motor development.

In 2007 she was specialized in examination and training of children and has taken several seminars through The Danish Physical Therapists in testing and measuring equipment for children.

Birgitte uses standard and valid international tests to measure and document motor skills.

We are experts on the playground area and we can guide you to the right services

Nordic Playground Institute was established with the vision of providing the playground business with the possibility of certification of products and personnel in Denmark, and to make motor development of children a factor for the people responsible for playgrounds, instead of fear of what MIGHT happen. We are experts in playgrounds and we can help you better if you know which group you belong to?

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