Why a seminar in playground safety?

With a seminar from Nordic Playground Institute you will acquire the tools to secure your own playground. In the long rung this will prove good economy. In this way you will be able to manage playground safety every day.

Annual main inspections should be executed by one of our experienced certified playground inspectors.

Our seminars are adapted to your needs. This way you can make sure that our seminars in playground safety match your needs and wishes.

We know all types of playgrounds and have great experience which make our seminars relevant for everyone direct or indirect work with playgrounds. When you work with playgrounds or own one you should have a basic knowledge about how safety is optimized. That you can get through our seminars.

We prepare you to maintain your own safety

Our seminars correspond to valid requirements and standards in the playground area. Our instructors have many years of experience, both practical experience as inspectors as well as teaching experience – so they know what they are talking about. Your will get theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. We also have continuous seminars enabling you to build on you acquired knowledge

We tailor seminars just for you and your colleagues. Call and get more information on +45 70 70 78 17

Legeplads sikkerhedseftersyn

Playground safety

We offer seminars in playground safety, directed at teachers, leaders of institutions, property janitors and associations
with the purpose of improving safety on own playground and carry through operational inspections.
This way various responsible personnel can make sure that the safety on their playground
is always the best and that children are not hurt unnecessary.

Safety seminars targeting installation

We offer seminar targeted at installation and service personnel in order to minimize the mistakes which may arise during installation and service work and improve safety. Make sure your company and personnel are not at fault in unnecessary injuries by taking a seminar in playground safety.

Seminar for nursery schools

 We also offer after work meetings and theme days for nursery school personnel and parent boards all over the country.
During these meetings we go through playground safety especially in relation to you need and wishes.

 Call or write us, and we shall find a solution that suits your needs.

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